“A weapon based on Time …” mused Viktor Mulciber.... - Petit Mal

“A weapon based on Time …” mused Viktor Mulciber. “Well, why not? The one force no one knows how to defeat, resist, or reverse. It kills all forms of life sooner or later. With a Time-weapon you could become the most feared person in history.” “I’d rather be loved,” said Root. Mulciber shrugged. “You’re young.” 

So the city became the material expression of a particular loss of innocence – not sexual or political innocence but somehow a shared dream of what a city might at its best prove to be – its inhabitants became, and have remained, an embittered and amnesiac race, wounded but unable to connect through memory to the moment of injury, unable to summon the face of their violator.

Thomas Pynchon | Against the Day

Yuko Kondo | Illustrations 

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